How to create a shortcut of AOL Desktop Gold on your PC?

If you wish to access all the features of AOL on the go, then you are suggested to create a shortcut of the AOL desktop gold on your device as it helps you save a lot of time and energy. If you do not create the desktop shortcut of AOL on your device, then you need to use the start menu and look through options to find where AOL is located and this is pretty time-consuming. Whether you wish to access your AOL mail login account or you want to use other functionalities of AOL Desktop Gold, accessing them would become easier if you create a shortcut for AOL on your device.

Creating a shortcut for AOL is not a complex process and you do not need to go through a long process to do it. Thus, to create a shortcut, you need to follow the easy steps that I have mentioned below in this post.

Steps to add AOL shortcut on your desktop

Before you begin this process, just make sure that your device is having the AOL desktop gold app already. If you have it, make sure that it is available in the taskbar of your device. If not, you need to first add it to your device's taskbar and then go ahead with the process to create its shortcut:

1.      On the taskbar present at the bottom of your device, click on the arrow next to the clock

2.      This will expand the menu of your device

3.      From the Expand menu, you need to right-click on the "AOL Desktop Gold icon"

4.      Now, you just need to select "Create desktop shortcut"

After you have created the shortcut, you just need to access the app by tapping it and then log into your account by providing your AOL mail login details.


Creating an AOL desktop gold shortcut always comes in handy when you instantly need to access its features. If the shortcut goes missing from your desktop, then you can re-add it by repeating the same process discussed above. Once you have completed this procedure, you can log back into your account using the AOL mail login credentials. 

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